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About us

Welcome To Our Adventure

 Riverview Outdoors And Recreation is a small, family owned business based out of Roseau, Minnesota that aims to get more people moving outdoors through hosting outdoor events and providing gear and education for all things outdoors. Our experience comes from the many outdoor activities we've been fortunate to partake in. We know what it takes to make time in the outdoors fun. 

Winter camping trips, hiking and canoe trips to the Boundary Waters has become a favorite local recreation destination of ours that has taught us many valuable lessons about living the outdoor life.  These experiences have also taught us valuable lessons about bringing our children into the outdoors and how having the right gear can make all the difference between a bad trip and one that makes memories for a lifetime. We believe there is no better teacher for personal responsibility than Mother Nature herself! 

We don't just sell gear, we actively use the brands and products we sell! The passion for the outdoors runs deep throughout our family as myself and two of my daughters, along with my brother, have had the opportunity to compete in the Minnesota State Mountain Bike Series have and been fortunate enough to win multiple state championships in the individual and team categories.  

I also have a passion for running and have found myself competing in ultramarathons and trail runs ranging from 13 miles to 100+ miles. These type of endurance events have a way of teaching you things you never thought possible! It is those teachings I'd love to pass on to the community through getting more people physically active in the outdoors by hosting fun and exciting events year round that cater to ALL ages and fitness levels. 

At ROAR we aim to bring you the best equipment at an affordable price to make your adventure as comfortable and memory filled as possible. Check out our online store for all your gear needs. You can also follow our blog to see what kind of mischief we're getting into these days! Our blog covers not only our events, but gear reviews of the gear we sell and use on all our adventures as well as simple everyday healthy living tips. 

Thank you for being a part of the journey!